Health; It means not only the absence of disease and infirmity in the body of the individual, but also the complete physical, mental and social wellness of the individual.

What are the 3 basic criteria of health according to the World Health Organization?

1- Bodily well-being: The absence of conditions such as deficiency, dysfunction, microbe carrying in the tissues and organs that make up the body.

2- Spiritual well-being: The state of being able to think in accordance with their age, express their thoughts in a comprehensible way, understand others, know how to cry and laugh on the spot, struggle with difficulties, act in accordance with the conditions, be happy in successes and accept failures, and be at peace with oneself.

3- Social goodness: It is the state of being at peace with one’s surroundings, knowing where and how to behave and responsibilities, being in good relations with people, loving the big and small, behaving tolerantly.

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