Explore the Beauty of Antalya and Its Surroundings: Transfers and Tours

Explore the Beauty of Antalya and Its Surroundings: Transfers and Tours

Turkey’s Antalya region is a treasure trove of natural beauty, history, and culture, attracting visitors from all around the globe. From the stunning beaches of Alanya to the ancient ruins of Side, and the luxurious resorts of Belek, there’s something for everyone in this picturesque corner of the Mediterranean. Let’s delve into the various transfer options and tours available to explore Antalya and its neighboring areas.


1. Antalya Transfer:

When you arrive in Antalya, start your journey smoothly with reliable transfer services. Whether you’re arriving at Antalya Airport or any other location, transfer services ensure a comfortable ride to your destination.

2. Alanya Transfer:

Alanya, with its sandy beaches and vibrant atmosphere, is a popular destination. Transfer services from Antalya to Alanya make it convenient for travelers to reach this coastal gem with ease.

3. Side Transfer:

Explore the fascinating ruins and beautiful beaches of Side by opting for transfer services from Antalya. Enjoy a hassle-free journey to this ancient city and make the most of your visit.

4. Belek Transfer:

Belek is renowned for its luxurious resorts and world-class golf courses. Transfer services from Antalya to Belek ensure you reach your accommodation swiftly, ready to indulge in a relaxing holiday.


1. Antalya Tour:

Discover the charms of Antalya with guided tours that take you through its historic old town, known as Kaleiçi, where narrow streets are lined with Ottoman-era architecture. Explore landmarks like Hadrian’s Gate, the Antalya Archaeological Museum, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast.

2. Alanya Tour:

Take a tour of Alanya to explore its famous Red Tower, the historic Alanya Castle, and Cleopatra Beach. Witness mesmerizing sunsets from the harbor and delve into the city’s rich history and culture.

3. Side Tour:

Embark on a journey through time with a tour of Side. Visit the ancient ruins including the Temple of Apollo, the ancient amphitheater, and wander through the atmospheric streets of this former Roman port city.

4. Belek Tour:

While in Belek, indulge in a relaxing tour that includes visits to the area’s top-class golf courses, pristine beaches, and maybe even a rejuvenating spa day. Belek offers a perfect blend of leisure and luxury.

Sightseeing in Antalya:

Antalya offers a plethora of sightseeing opportunities, including:

Düden Waterfalls: Marvel at the beauty of Düden Waterfalls where the Düden River cascades over steep cliffs into the Mediterranean Sea.

Kursunlu Waterfalls: Explore the tranquil natural surroundings of Kursunlu Waterfalls located amidst pine forests and beautiful greenery.

Termessos: For history enthusiasts, a visit to the ancient city of Termessos, situated on a rugged mountaintop, offers fascinating ruins and stunning views.

Antalya and its surroundings are filled with wonders waiting to be explored. Whether you’re into history, nature, or simply want to relax by the sea, this region has something to offer everyone. Plan your transfers and tours to make the most of your Antalya experience!

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