Two spots are up for grabs in Group F with three teams tightly chasing them.

Jamaica vs. Brazil

Brazil needs to win this match to avoid elimination, because it can’t count on Panama, the worst team in the group, to beat France. But Jamaica has its sights set on the round of 16, too, and it can advance with a win or a draw.

“I think the players are liking Australia,” Jamaica Coach Lorne Donaldson said. “They like it here. They see some kangaroos. So we want to stay a little bit longer.”

His comments came after the Reggae Girlz, as the team is known, earned a scoreless draw against France and their first-ever World Cup win, over Panama.

For the Brazilian star Marta, 37, who has been the face of her national team for almost two decades, a deep run in this tournament could be her last chance to leave her mark on international soccer.

Panama vs. France

This will be Panama’s final match in this World Cup after losses to Brazil and Jamaica. France is currently tied with Jamaica for first place in Group F, and a win will help its chances of coming away as the group winner.

The French entered this World Cup as an elite team working through adversity after their previous coach was ousted in March and their new coach, Hervé Renard, stepped in despite never having coached a women’s team.

After a scoreless draw against Jamaica in its opener, France reignited its hopes of contending deep into the tournament with a 2-1 win over Brazil in which it grabbed the winner on a Wendie Renard header in the 83rd minute.

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