This March, the cryptocurrency market is heading for its biggest-ever boom (expected to reach a value of $3 trillion), which means it’s the perfect time to start investing; Any purchase made now will almost certainly lead to huge profits. Another tactic that will help you maximize your earning potential is to take advantage of pre-sale prices. This is where Carlyx Network ($CLX) comes into play! The pre-sale of Calyx Network Token ($CLX) will be held soon and the crowd sale price of 1 $CLX token will be $0.10. Experts expect this token to explode within hours of the pre-sale and to see a rapid growth rate for the coming months (and years). All this with instant trading with low payout risk!

But the benefits of investing in this new token don’t stop there! Investors can stake $CLX tokens to participate and vote on offers on Calyx Network CLX as well as earn lucrative rewards.

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