After $15 Billion in Military Aid, Israel Calls Alliance With U.S. ‘Ironclad’

Israel welcomed a U.S. aid package signed by President Biden on Wednesday that will send about $15 billion in military aid to Israel, increasing American support for its closest Middle East ally despite strains in their relationship over Israel’s prosecution of the war in the Gaza Strip.

“Our alliance is ironclad,” Israel Katz, the country’s foreign minister, said in a statement thanking Mr. Biden for signing the legislation. It was part of a long-stalled $95.3 billion in aid that had faced vehement opposition from some Republicans over its support for Ukraine, which is also part of the legislation, as is Taiwan.

The aid for Israel includes more than $5 billion to replenish three of the country’s defense systems: Iron Dome, which intercepts rockets that fly in high arcs; David’s Sling, which shoots down drones, missiles and rockets; and Iron Beam, which was designed to use laser beams to destroy incoming projectiles.

It also includes $1 billion to enhance the production and development of artillery and munitions and $2.4 billion for American military operations in the U.S. Central Command region, which includes the Middle East as well as parts of South Asia and East Africa.

At the White House on Wednesday, Mr. Biden said he was authorizing “vital support for Israel,” less than two weeks after Iran attacked the country with more than 300 missiles and drones, almost all of which were shot down. Mr. Biden also pointed out that Israel had been fighting Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, both of which Iran supports.

“The security of Israel is critical,” President Biden said at a signing ceremony on Wednesday.Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times
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